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This community never had a run, it never had a jog, not a walk, not even a fucking crawl.

Alright, fellow affiliates of the wally_amos organization, I have lately found myself thinking, not too hard, but not too soft, kind of just right, about how

NOBODY FRIEKING POSTS IN wally_amos, the friendly community dedicated to a cookie lover with a dream, and open to all that wish to join, ANYMORE!

I mean please guys, I form a community, allow of you to indulge on its phenomenal foundation, a dedication to a most benevolent and well respected character of our time, rather, of ANY time, and still every single person leaves its simple fundament untouched.

Its a dissapointment really, not a dissapointment to me, but to Wally. So come on guys, why not speak up in here every now and then. Wally has been a good enough friend to us, let us be one back.

With that, I leave to eat some more of those delicous cookies, which, I might add, I have THREE boxes of in my cabinet.
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