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Damn Good Cookies

Man's Best Cookie
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This community is dedicated to Wally Amos, a "true cookie lover."
"It takes heart to make a great cookie," Wally once said. Well, this man must have had more heart than any cookie lover around.

The Famous Amos Story
Originally, Wally Amos, a true cookie lover, baked cookies in his home to share with his friends. In 1975 he perfected his special recipe to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. He then started his own company with the commitment to use only the best ingredients, like rich chocolate and flavorful nuts. Those homemade-tasting cookies were so special that they got famous just by word of mouth. Today, Famous Amos cookies still meet these high expectations and are enjoyed by all true cookie lovers. Enjoy the special recipe and homemade taste that made Amos famous!
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